The Vision

The vision of Camp Glorious is to use the July- August vacation to meet with 5000 plus children each year. This is being done throughout Trinidad and Tobago at between 60- 65 venues. The main aim of the camp is to share Jesus with the children whose ages range from 5-18 years. Each year there are about 800 volunteers, mainly young people. The season climaxes with the National Close Off. We have had the Prime Minister of the nation attend and speak to the children at two of the Close Off Ceremonies.

Mobilizing the Camps

As one may well realize this is an awesome undertaking that demands much planning, both at the level of the Head Office where region al coordinators are stationed and then numerous meetings in the ‘field’, the regions, with various support volunteers.


At the initial planning meeting the regional reps or coordinators are to bring to the table the list of the venues they propose to have for camps in their regions that year. A series of meetings follow. They are mainly in the field where mechanisms are put in place to mobilize the children, teachers, transport and of course incentives for the children.

Behind the scenes much prayer is taking place as Coordinators meet with principals of the schools and business people and the likes. During this time materials for the Character Building Segment of the program is prepared.

Morning Assembly

Each day begins with Morning Assembly. The morning assembly focuses on corporate praise, worship and prayer to start the day. It also allows for the sharing of a testimony. Each camp has its own unique morning assembly, as seen on this page.

Character Building

This is guided by a booklet prepared to ensure that the theme for the year is pursued. The booklets are age appropriate and interactive. This is where the children are exposed to the Word of God in the context of the theme being looked at. Daily the themes are reviewed with fun review games. And each day eager voices recap memory verses and lessons learnt.


No child must come to camp hungry and leave that way. Special care is taken to provide refreshments and in some cases meals for our campers who are with us from 8:00am to 12 noon.

Academic Support

Academic Support is basic support lessons in English and Math to encourage the camper to sharpen up for the school term ahead. It is done in an atmosphere of encouragement and accompanied by great stories, poems etc. It also allows the teachers to identify and build the confidence of the slow learners in the midst.


Old games, new games, invented games, indoor and outdoor games, big teams, small teams, horse rides, slides, sporting competition you name it – this is just a time of fun for the kids.


All week long the kids are prepped for the closing concerts. The practice their dances, songs, monologues and skits. It all comes together for a glorious close off ceremony, complete with rewards, displays of craft, refreshment and lots of music!

Art and Craft

Allows children to explore the many facets of creativity in the area of art and craft. These sessions are project oriented and may last for three to four days. In many instances craft items created may form the stepping stone for entrepreneurship. The sessions are fun and the outcome is always amazing!

Grand Close Off

The grand Close Off is the coming together of campers and volunteers representing every camp in the nation. The children display their craft and their many talents. Prizes are given for top campers, Camps with the most children in the region and overall in the nation. The camp with the most souls won to the Lord is a tremendous highlight of this event!