Prayer is the cornerstone of the vision of Youth For Christ Trinidad and Tobago.

Everything we do at Youth for Christ T&T is covered by serious prayer. In order to ensure that prayer is given the full respect and attention it deserves, Prayer Kids, Youth Prayer, the Family Prayer Altar and the Prayer Lighthouse gains individual attention. Here are a few pictorial highlights of the major areas of prayer at Youth for Christ Trinidad and Tobago. It is our hope that you will one day be part of our prayer drive.

In our bold quest to meet the challenges faced by our nation and Caribbean neighbors at these times, we have initiated The Family Prayer A life in years gone by. The response thus far has been quite encouraging. We have decentralized our efforts and now depend on the region to encourage the formation of Family Prayer Altar. To assist all in the pursuit of these altars we have published a booklet titled ‘The Family Altar’. The purpose of the publication is to present to interested parties, guidelines on starting a family altar in their homes.



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YFC recognizes that the immediate future of a powerful intercessory prayer body lies with our youths. On Saturday 3rd October, 2009, we launched our Youth Prayer Army at Faith Centre in San Fernando. Since that time we have had a few such sessions with the main aim being that of empowering the young people to be effective prayer agents. As such they have been taught among other things, on the hindrances to effective prayer.

Kids Prayer

Prayer Kids

Trinidad and Tobago is designed to be the spawning ground of young prayer warriors, throughout the twin island state.

In each of the twelve regions there is a Prayer Kids group. Under the guidance of mentors mostly the parents or members of the child’s local church they are encouraged to pray.


On Saturday 15th of August 2009 YFC – TT launched its Kid’s Prayer Army, where hundreds of kids were mobilized to pray in a organized manner. Training sessions were later organized. One such session was conducted by Ms. Sandi Lue of the Children’s Global Prayer Movement. Ms Lue, a Jamaican by birth was excellent and introduced the children to a range of prayer technique for children.


The prayer triplet is our chosen approach to expand the prayer army across the country. It encourages every young person registered to get two other young persons who love the Lord and has a passion for prayer, to become their prayer partners.

Revival Prayer – Trinidad and Tobago does not focus only on the children and youth

The Prayer Revival movement was born in April 2013 as a result of a directive given to our National Director Rev. Frank Porter by God during an extended time of prayer and fasting. The vision is threefold. On each of our meeting days, participants are reminded that God needs a people to move His heart in this direction of repentance and restoration, as has been the case with revivals through the ages. The second focus, is that of edifying the intercessors on what God expects them and intercession as a whole. Thirdly corporately cry out for our families, communities and our nation and the world at large. At every meeting the awesome presence of God is experienced as we worship, sit under the word and testify of answered prayer, we know that a Revival is around the corner!