Kid's Talent


Winners Will be featured in YFC's Virtual Camp Glorious 2022

Rules and Regulations

  • By submitting the form on this page, you are releasing the copyright of the photo or video for use by Youth For Christ Trinidad and Tobago. for promotional purposes in perpetuity.
  • The theme must be part of your presentation (God Loves You)
  • Set phone recording settings on HD (high definition).
  • We recommend videos be submitted in MP4 or MOV format and shot in at least 1080p quality.
  • We also recommend videos be shot in landscape format (horizontally, like on a TV).
  • For the video to be considered, it must be a video taken by you of your child as the main subject. If it is a group shot, you must have the permission of all the other children’s parents to enter.
  • Find a quiet and bright location inside your home or outside.
  • Entries must be received before midnight on 25th June 2022.
  • The top winner of each category will be notified via e-mail/ phone call.
  • Ensure the child projects their voice.
  • Please refrain as much as possible from taking wide shots
  • Feel free to send a test video to ensure you’re doing everything correctly.
  • Your child can register two or more talent/items.
  • You have to upload videos via, We Transfer, Dropbox or Google drive and email to  
  • Winners will be featured in YFC’s Camp Glorious 2022.
  • 1ST Prize $800TTD, 2ND Prize $500TTD, 3RD Prize $300TTD, 4TH 200TTD